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Each role you have (parent, spouse, sibling, employee, boss, etc.) possesses its own stories, and they connect to create the richly diverse, often complicated, and perpetually unfolding larger narrative of your life. Because the connecting of your stories can sometimes look more like a collision than a graceful intertwining, it is vital to reflect on and explore all of them so that you grow and thrive in each one. Journaling is a simple but very beneficial way to engage with  your life’s stories so that you can nurture your narrative as it unfolds. 

Through journaling, you can discover how your stories connect–and how they might have become disconnected. With your words, you can weave these pieces back together for deeper self-awareness, healing, and transformation.

Expressive writing is so powerful in its emotional and physical healing effects that the collection of research suggests it is a “major medical advance.” Imagine improving stress levels, thus increasing immune function, and therefore being able to decrease medication and doctor visitssimply by writing. And these are just the physical benefits. Add to these emotional and spiritual benefits, and you have a valuable wellness plan literally at your fingertips

This is what research shows is possible
with regular and guided participation in expressive writing. 

I hope you find that the information here provides you with the motivation and support you need to engage with your stories, discover your voice, and reclaim yourself–indeed, to nurture your narrative.

I look forward to engaging with you and your writing, so please feel free to share your thoughts and to contact me with questions or suggestions.

In writing and wellness,

*Source: Quoted in Expressive Writing: Words that Heal (Pennebaker and Evans 2014)


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