Before, After, and Still

Though we might feel alone at particular times in our lives, particularly as a result of difficult or traumatic experiences, we do not live our lives in isolation. There is always someone upon whom our darkness descends and our light shines. There is always someone to turn to and to turn away from when we need to be alone. This person is usually someone who has shared our lives before our trying times and is with us throughout the after, still walking with us, still guiding and supporting our enduring.

Let’s explore our before and after and how these versions of ourselves have impacted our relationships with loved ones or with a particular loved one. Such reflection and exploration will increase our own awareness and understanding of ourselves, thereby strengthening, enriching, and nurturing our relationships with ourselves and with those who walk beside us.

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Ideas for Reflection and Writing

* What do you want family and friends or a particular person to understand about the changes in you? Consider the following types of changes: physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, and personal (values, beliefs, perspective, etc.).

* What positive changes have emerged from your experience?

* What have you learned about yourself?

* What have you learned about others or a particular person close to you?

* Write about the experience from your perspective and then again from the point of view of someone very close to you. What difference(s) do you notice in these narratives? Which was easier to write and why do think this is the case? Do you have a changed or enhanced understanding of the person as a result of writing in his or her perspective?


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