Reflect & Write

The corresponding pages encourage deep personal reflection to help you discover unexplored thoughts and feelings and find a clear and confident voice for them. As you explore these thoughts and feelings through writing, your words will pave your path to self-healing and transformation. The well-studied benefits of expressive writing are numerous, and access to them is within you and wholly in your control. With the prompts and quotes, you will discover the ability and strength you naturally possess to take control of your health and well-being and to lead yourself toward transformation.

But you aren’t alone here. . .

If you would like to share your writing with me, I will be happy to offer you guidance by asking questions and/or making suggestions that will help you get the most out of your writing. I’m not a therapist; I’m a literature and writing professor with over 20 years of experience responding to and guiding others’ writing. But please don’t misunderstand: I’m not here to “grade” your writing. I’m here to help you enhance and enrich your writing experience through non-judgmental engagement with your writing.


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