Exploring and Celebrating Survival

June was National Cancer Survivors Month, so this was the focus of my June writing workshop for cancer patients and caregivers. What better way for my thriving writers to celebrate than to spend time reflecting on and writing about what being a survivor means to them, right? Okay, okay--I admit there are probably more exciting... Continue Reading →

Can’t Control It? Master It!

A lack of control can be frustrating and frightening, but it might also be freeing. When we don't have control over some aspect of our lives, we might be frustrated by our inability to call the shots. If the situation is severe enough, we might feel like we're skidding into an infinite tailspin. However, we... Continue Reading →

Empower Yourself with Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a gift that can be extremely difficult to give and quite humbling to receive. We might feel that the person who needs forgiveness doesn't deserve it; we might feel that we don't deserve the forgiveness that someone offers. The nature of forgiveness to be a gift to the receiver is obvious, but its... Continue Reading →

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