Start With a Word

a word that says it all, a word that needs to be set down on paper and made plain Before I explain the concept of word journaling, I would like to offer a little personal background on the significance of the single word to the journaling experience. Indulge me, please, or go ahead and scroll... Continue Reading →

Exploring and Celebrating Survival

June was National Cancer Survivors Month, so this was the focus of my June writing workshop for cancer patients and caregivers. What better way for my thriving writers to celebrate than to spend time reflecting on and writing about what being a survivor means to them, right? Okay, okay--I admit there are probably more exciting... Continue Reading →

To Have a Friend, To Be a Friend

If you've never heard Carole King's song "You've Got a Friend," then you need to click on the title and listen to it right now. The song offers a perfect lyrical definition of friendship, and the raw, pure, and comforting sound of King's voice makes her sound like an old friend singing to you. If... Continue Reading →

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