Before, After, and Still

Though we might feel alone at particular times in our lives, particularly as a result of difficult or traumatic experiences, we do not live our lives in isolation. There is always someone upon whom our darkness descends and our light shines. There is always someone to turn to and to turn away from when we... Continue Reading →

Power: Lost and Found

When we suffer from an illness, a traumatic event, or times of difficulty brought on by another's suffering or a personal  loss, we can feel quite powerless. It's important to regain our sense of power so that we can move ahead with our lives and heal. If we lose our sense of power, we lose... Continue Reading →

The Weight of Words

In "The Meanings of a Word," Gloria Naylor writes that "words are innocuous" and that it's how we understand and use them that give them "true power." In other words, the meanings we assign to words give them their weight. Simply looking at a word, we see a senseless combination of letters--some short and some... Continue Reading →

Distinctly You

"That I am I, I surely know full well," proclaims Gerard D'Arcy Irvine in the opening of his poem "Identity: A Sonnet." Such a proclamation seems obvious to make, so it might lead one to think there's a reason he's  compelled to voice this obvious fact. Indeed, the circumstance might be one requiring the poet... Continue Reading →

Break Into Blossom

"Break into blossom." The words of this phrase suggest creation from destruction--a milder version of the Phoenix. Such a contradictory experience is common when living with an ongoing hardship. Sometimes we find that something good emerges from our pain. Maybe this good is a new or renewed relationship, or the discovery of a talent or... Continue Reading →

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